PR full stopPR full stop tailors our services to each client, working with you to grow your online presence, build your brand and get results.

We customise the tone and frequency of your content, selecting channels to connect you with your customers. Get in touch with us today to grow your business, full stop.


“Amy demonstrates the same commitment to creating customised content and creative for each project she is involved in. I would highly recommend her to clients of all scale who are seeking a dedicated professional to address their marketing and communications needs.”
– Amanda Munn, Director, Pulse PR

“Amy is a very dedicated and hard-working individual who carries out her duties in a very positive and effective manner. Working with a very small budget, Amy did an amazing job creating a consistent image for our advertising and establishing the new brand. I recommend her highly.”
– Jeff Stellick, Executive Director, Ottawa School of Art, OSA/EAO

From my first contact with Amy, I was impressed with her enthusiasm. As I got to know her, her creativity, resourcefulness and commitment to excellence became very apparent. Amy has taken time to expand her horizons and in doing so has acquired a richer sense of the diversity of an audience or market.”
– Austin Comerton, Producer and Host, The Gaelic Hour CHIN 97.9FM